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Savers adventure with stylist Eric Himel & Giveaway


2 Weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend another amazingly fun event with the team over at Savers in Orland Park. This time, a bunch of us Chicago bloggers includingthriftaholic, zzouzivintage, the girls of Lincoln Park, mini penny, Tamika from A-line Style Services, Taneisha from Second City Style and moi all joined the Savers team and Chicago Stylist Extraordinaire - Eric Himel to talk fashion and thrift! Read on after the jump to get the details about the event, gain some industry tips from Eric Himel and enter for your chance to win a $50 Gift Certificate to your local Savers (open to US Residents only)

We met up at the local Coopers Hawk - had wine & tasty apps and then headed to Savers to talk fashion and Thrift. Now, I know some of you are still wary of the idea of second hand shops, but like I said before - Savers is one of the cleanest and most organized options around. Just be smart with what you are looking for. You are likely to stumble upon brand new items with tags still on at ridiculously low prices or even some great gently used items. I took some time before my extravaganza to chat it up with Chicago stylist - Eric Himel.

Eric is known for working with celebs, being on the fashion police team over at US Weekly and being an amazing style eye here in the Windy City. I was absolutely thrilled with how down to earth he was and the great tips he offered.

I asked Eric why people should consider thrifting! He pointed out that while most people think of it as a poor person's shopping destination, thrifting is for everyone especially in these economic hard times. We are always looking for a great deal. He suggested that people look to thrifting to find individual and special items that will set your style apart from the rest. It's a great way to hunt for the original and in reality at spots like Savers it's a lot cleaner and more organized than most people realize. Why look to the magazines and stores for typical trends, when you can develop your own style on your own and thrifting is a great way to experiment.

Eric is also known for his closet consultations and I asked him for some tips that women can keep in mind when prepping and purging their closets for this upcoming season transition. Here are his top tips:

1. Separate by season - even if you don't have the room make it. Utilize containers that can be stored under your bed and put items not in use in them.

2. Don't leave items on the floors in your closet! Add shelves or stools, it helps items stay clean and keeps the dust bunnies away!

3. When purging your closet - organize your piles. You should have keepers - giveaways - items that require tailoring.

4. Always budget for tailoring! If you have items that are too big, it could be a knockout item if you just tailor it OR if you find an amazing item at a thrift shop and just have it tailored to fit, it could be one of your best investments that isn't even that big of an investment!

I also asked Eric for some tips for the young people interested in pursuing a career in styling. Here are his top tips:

1. Be ready to work hard! Success in this industry does not happen over night. You need to put in the hardwork to reap the benefits!

2. Be ready to relate to a broad range of people! You will need to work with a wide array of people in order to maintain a strong client base. It's not just celebs, but also retailers, designers, regular ole' people and even corporate clients.

3. Relationship building is key - Be yourself and work hard to make sure your client gets what they need. Find ways to connect with them and remember to stay down to earth.

4. Don't take yourself so seriously - people can get a little too involved in the stigmas of the fashion industry, but in reality we are not doctors, but we still are making a difference in people's lives. Why not have fun with what we are doing.

5. Don't just try to push your style on to your clients - Keep in mind their needs, their personality. There is a lot of psychology that goes into dressing. Bear that in mind when working with people. You want to match the outside with your client's heart on the inside. That's when their confidence truly shines.

6. Remember, all clients deserve the same respect - From the woman next door that you are helping with a closet purge to that big name celebrity - each of your clients deserves to be treated with courtesy and helped to find their perfect look.

NOW onto the giveaway!! One lucky reader has the chance to get their hands on a $50 Savers gift certificate! Here's how to enter.

1. Follow me on Twitter here & tweet the comment @chiclezan I want to win the @saversvillage gift certificate from #theculturestudio
2. Then, like The Culture Studio on facebook here.
3. Finally after you've completed steps 1-2, leave a comment on the Culture Studio blog here letting me know why you love to thrift!

One winner will be randomly selected via an auto number picker! Also, make sure to include a way to contact you in your comment (email preferred) if you win.

Giveaway ends next week! Monday September 10, 2012 at 10PM CST! I will be announcing the winner that night on The Culture Studio Blog!! Goodluck readers!


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