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Save your Stilettos with Clickless Heel Protectors

High heels. What fashion foward woman doesn't love wearing these height enhancing ,outfit elevating footwear? But maintenance on these beauties, especially when the heel tips wear down can be frequent and costly. Cobblers charge about $12 per pair to remove and replace the tips but now there is a more cost effective and easy option you can do yourself at home to preserve your shoe stems.

CLICKLESS is a small rubber stopper that fits over top of your heel tips to both protect the tip and soften your steps. They come in four sizes : XS,S,L and Xl and three colors: Neutral, Brown, and Black.

Simply select the correct size and slip it over the heel tip for a snug fit. When they wear out you can easily remove them and slide on another pair. At around $15 for four pairs of clickless you can cover four pairs of heels for the price of taking one pair to the cobbler.

To order clickless go to

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