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Save your soul in Murdered Soul Suspect

Game: Murdered: Soul Suspect
Players: 1
Genre: Adventure
Published: Square Enix
Developer: Airtight Games

First Demon encounter in Murder Soul Suspect
First Demon encounter in Murder Soul Suspect
Murdered Soul Suspect meets Demons

Welcome fellow gamers. Square Enix has delivered what is beginning to look like a masterpiece of a game. Murder Soul Suspect already reminds gamers of epic story telling, similar to Heavy Rain for the PS3. You play the game as Ronan O’Connor, a former street thug turned detective after meeting his wife. After losing his wife Ronan becomes engrossed in his police work almost to the point of reckless, until a serial killer known as the Bell killer guns him down. Now before he can rest in peace he has to discover who his killer is and bring him to justice.
With his supernatural abilities and unable to directly speak to the living Ronan will possess the citizens of Salem, interact with a variety of objects and tools while using his influence to point detectives in the right direction. There are a few dangers that arrive while trapped in this “limbo” they call Dust. There are other spiritual demons there and their purpose is to devour the souls of those stuck in Dust.
The game is visually beautiful and moves seamlessly. The transitions from cut scenes to live play are beautiful, even though you shouldn’t expect any less from Square Enix. The controls are smooth. Battling the demons is not really a battle more than an act of survival. If the demons see you they will pursue you until they catch you or you find a place to hide until they give up. The only way to defeat a demon is to sneak up behind them and execute them, which makes for a suspense filled event.
Overall this game appears to be a great story with nice game play. There was a hint to multiple endings but only time will tell. Stay tuned for more on this game.

Tags: Murdered Soul Suspect, Square Eniz, Possession, Xbox, Action games

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