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Save Time and Money at the Doctor: Ask these Questions


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Part of saving money on healthcare is having a clear understanding of your healthcare options.  The best way to do this is to utilize the time available with your doctor.  According to Dr. Terrie Wurzbacher, author of Your Doctor Said What? there are three main questions seniors should always ask of their healthcare provider.  In addition, be prepared for your appointment by preparing a list of questions ahead of time.

1. Always ask if any medication your doctor prescribes will interact/interfere with any that you are taking.

“It’s vital that you always tell the medical staff everything you’re taking – no matter where you got it,” Terrie explains. “Many people think that if they obtained something over the counter or at a health foods store that it’s neither a drug nor potentially dangerous. This is simply not true.”
2. Always ask what the side effects are of a medication being prescribed.

”You want to know what to expect from something you’re putting in your body,” Terrie says.  If you don’t know what to expect, it is less likely you will notice a negative reaction.

3. Always ask when you should expect a positive response and what you should do if that doesn’t occur.

”No matter whether it’s medication, physical therapy, or advice to just rest, you want to know at what point you should start feeling better even if you’re not completely cured.”

Seniors all around Kentuckiana are saving money on healthcare by getting innovative and creative with their options.  One couple I spoke with said they save on health care by asking for prescription samples. Another suggested the University of Louisville Medical department, which offers services at a discount performed by residents or students. 

Other ideas include preventive treatment and regular check ups, using doctor visits instead of emergency room visits, and negotiating with your health care providers and insurance companies.

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