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Save the Tapas

Tapas International, Inc Staff and Owner, Herbert Prokscha
Tapas International, Inc Staff and Owner, Herbert Prokscha
Herbert Prokscha

A local company finds itself in dire need of help from the community it has served over the past 15 years. Tapas International, Inc. (Tapas) specializes in handmade appetizers, tapas, canapés, banquet items, and custom artisan sausages. Over the past several years, the chef has created more than 1600 recipes based on ideas and requests from customers. “We make what the customer wants,” says company owner, Herbert Prokscha. The customer’s needs are always at the forefront of the business, perpetually aiming to meet the needs of their clients and exceeding expectations.

When a bride with a severe allergy to black pepper needed appetizers she could enjoy at her wedding, the chef and production staff at Tapas International, Inc. created banquet items that were tasty sans pepper so the bride had one less worry on her wedding day.

The Tapas staff are not only talented and accommodating, but also extremely innovative. A chef participating in a “Fool the Senses” event at one of the theme parks recruited the Tapas team to create an item that looked like a hamburger patty that the chef could grill in front of guests, but was actually a dessert. Using a unique freezing process, the Tapas team created samples of an ice cream disk coated in marzipan that allowed the chef to make grill marks on it to enhance the burger illusion without the dessert melting all over the grill. The company created one thousand pieces to serve at the event. The desserts were met with amazement.

Tapas is a small, but cohesive company. Much like a family, they celebrate together, as well as endure hardships. The company’s steward, Mr. Truyen, and his wife are expecting a child this fall, and the company is excited to celebrate with them. The last birth was honored with a traditional roast pig prepared by Mr. Ngan, an invaluable Tapas cook, who reportedly makes the best cracklins’ around!

Despite a successful 15 years of growth, Tapas now finds itself in a critical situation due to unforeseen financial setbacks. In order to save the livelihoods of 20 employees, Tapas has launched a Kickstarter project to raise the necessary funds to maintain these jobs. The goal is to raise $48,000 by September 12 (a fast approaching deadline!). Tapas will thank donors with handwritten words of gratitude from the staff, factory tours, and tastings. For more information or to make a donation, please visit the Tapas International, Inc. Kickstarter website.