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Save the date to honor a Chicago legend

The Arts of Life, a program that enriches the lives of Chicago artists who also happen to live with disabilities, is a local treasure that gives talented people a place to work and exhibit. The artists are fabulous, their work is fascinating, and the result is artistically valid, transcendent of the usual social stigma applied to disability, and fun.

But The Arts of Life, like every other community, must deal with the consequences of time. They lost one of their founders, Veronica Cuculich, on New Year's Day. "Ronnie" (or "Grandma" to the truly blessed)  died at Rush Hospital after a month's illness. Ronnie was extraordinary, an artist in her own right, and activist, and even the frontsman (or woman) for the community's band. She will always be a part of The Arts of Life in spirit.

Please keep Saturday January 30, 2010 open for a memorial celebration of her extraordinary life. Contact the Chicago studio by phone at 312-829-2787 for more information or email .


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