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Save the date: Sep 12 - Brazil in the 21st Century

Google and other tech biggies will be at the conference
Google and other tech biggies will be at the conference
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

BayBrazil is a non-profit with a deep-rooted mission of bridging the knowledge, investments, and entrepreneurship between Brazil and United states, creating connections and circulating information in high-level events for networking and information. In a few years, BayBrazil’s work has been widely recognized and it is now reference to anyone willing to connect Silicon Valley and Brazil.

Every year, Bay Brazil promotes a conference with C-level executives, authorities, and specialists of all areas business, mainly technology. This year the conference will discuss the role of Brazil in the 21st century global economy and how can the country tackle major issues, while remaining competitive. The agenda is filled with first class speakers and highly knowledgeable government representatives. Check it out below.

It is a chance to learn about the current economic and technological scenario in the business arena and the perpectives of great opportunities between Brazil and USA.

This ia an event promoted by BayBrazil & Stanford Rock Center for Corporate Governance.

Brazil in the 21st Century
Date: Sep 12 2014, 9am – 5:00pm
Location: Rock Center at Stanford University Law School, 559 Nathan Abbott Way room 290, Stanford

See complete agenda below. Space in this event is limited! Reserve your ticket today!

Our annual conference will gather government representatives and private sector leaders to discuss technology, investments, entrepreneurship and Brazil’s role in the global economy.

2014 is unfolding as another challenging year for Brazil.

With inflation rate of 6.5%, rising levels of short-term debt, increases in consumer prices, the country’s resilience has also been tested by Mother Nature. In the Northern State of Amazonas, record high floods have affected over three hundred thousand people and, in the Southern State of Rio Grande do Sul, more than eighteen thousand people have been displaced due to heavy rains. In contrast, the State of São Paulo is suffering its worst drought in decades. As a result, electricity prices have soared and the region’s sugar and coffee crops will be much lower than previous forecast.

Brazil’s industrial output is also losing steam. Manufacturing fell last May for the third straight month. Despite stimulus measures put in place by the government, capital goods production fell 2.6% in May from April, textiles and chemicals, 0.9% and durable consumer goods such as furniture and home appliances sank 3.6%, according to statistics agency IBGE.

Yet, Brazil remains one of the most attractive and dynamic marketplaces in the world. The country is home to the 4th largest market for automobiles, 3rd largest manufacturer of commercial aircrafts, 4th largest market for mobile phones and 3rd largest market for computers.

The rise of middle class has been accelerating broadband access across social and income divides. With over 80 million internet users, Brazil has the 2nd largest active users of Facebook and Twitter and the 3rd largest of LinkedIn. Brazilians spend more time on social media sites and play more mobile-based games than most of users in developing nations. This phenomenon has propelled a nationwide startup boom led by passionate entrepreneurs developing a wide range of web products and services. Last year, private equity and VC firms invested about $6 billion in the country, up from $5.7 billion in 2012 however, the country’s entrepreneurial ecosystem has yet to mature.

The third edition of our annual conference Brazil in the 21st Century will gather government representatives and private sector leaders to discuss the country’s economic outlook and its digital market growth. They will offer insights on how the country can nourish its entrepreneurial ecosystem to tackle major challenges and stay competitive in a globalized world.

Keynote speakers:
Fabio Coelho, President of Google Brazil
The Honorable Mauro Vieira, Brazil Ambassador to U.S.


9am – Registration and breakfast

9:30am – Welcome remarks:
Evan Epstein, Executive Director, Rock Center
Margarise Correa, Founder & CEO, BayBrazil
9:45am – Destination Brazil, the digital market powerhouse

Key Kuehne, Regional Director Latin America, Airbnb
Luis Samra, General Manager, Latin America, Evernote
Megan Zoback, Head of Expansion Americas, Uber
Rodrigo Velloso, Head of Gaming, YouTube
11am – Keynote speaker: The Honorable Mauro Vieira, Brazil Ambassador to U.S.
12pm – Lunch break
12:30pm – Marco Civil & the Brazilian environment for the internet
Speaker: Virgilio A. F. Almeida, IT Secretary, Ministry of Science, Technology of Brazil
1:10pm – Mega Moments – from World Cup to the Olympics

Executives from Nike and Visa will discuss strategies for the Olympic Games and analyze digital media penetration during the World Cup, when the companies generated several billion impressions across social and mobile platforms.

Featured speakers:
Gerardo Carucci, Global General Manager, Nike
Ricardo Fort, Sr. VP Global Sponsorship Marketing, Visa
1:45pm – Keynote speaker: Fabio Coelho, President of Google Brazil

Fabio Coelho will talk about Google’s trajectory in Brazil, the company’s plans to open an entrepreneurs campus in Sao Paulo and his vision on the convergence of mobile, big data and cloud in a globalized world.
Moderator: Nelson Mattos, BayBrazil
2:45pm – The Brazilian ecosystem of entrepreneurship & innovation

Brazil has seen the rise of a new breed of entrepreneurs shaking up local and international markets. Our guest speakers represent various successful cases.

Comprova-DocuSign: Brazil’s leading digital signature platform and digital certificate authority Comprova was acquired last March by San Francisco based DocuSign, Inc. Our guest will talk about the deal and the delivering of digital signatures and transactions in Latin America.
Speaker: Michael Yatsko, Director of Platform Product Management, DocuSign

Introduction and Q&A: Vicente Silveira, Director of Engineering, LinkedIn, BayBrazil board member

Movile: the leading mobile platform for content and commerce in Latin America with 30 million monthly active users just raised a $55 million series D round of funding. Its PlayKids app has 6 million downloads worldwide and is the #1 app for Kids and Education for iOS.
Speaker: Eduardo Lins Henrique, Movile’s Co-Founder, Head of Global Expansion at PlayKids

The Brazilian Maker Movement: the Maker Movement and its do-it-yourself culture is gaining traction across the globe. In the U.S., President Obama proclaimed June 18 as the National Day of Making to encourage a new generation of innovators. In Brazil, the emerging movement has an active home with booming small 3D printing houses fueling a surge of hardware startups.
Speaker: Manoel Lemos, Founder, & CDO, Abril

Panel discussion:
Eduardo Lins Henrique, Head of Global Expansion, Movile
Fred Aslan, ADVANCE Medical, Venrock, BayBrazil board member
Gustavo Caetano, Founder & CEO, SambaTech
Manoel Lemos, Founder, & CDO, Abril
Rodrigo Borges, Partner, Koolen & Partners, Co-Founder, Buscapé
Moderator: Daniel Dalarossa, ZymiGroup, BayBrazil board member
3:45pm – Break
4pm – Fostering innovation and access to capital markets
Speaker: Leonardo Pereira, Head of Entrepreneurship, Investment Funds, BNDES
4:15pm-5:30pm - The Brazilian investment market

Analysts have cut Brazil’s economy 2014 growth forecasts to 0.81% and their 2015 economic growth forecast from 1.5 percent to 1.2 percent. Still, the country’ equity market remains attractive in comparison to other emerging economies. Both Brazilian and foreign firms are raising new funds to invest in the country.

Our panel will feature some of the key stakeholders in Brazil’s investment market for a conversation on the business landscape and the role investors are playing to enable the local entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Anderson Thees, Redpoint
Antoine Colaco, Valor Capital
Carlos Kokron, Qualcomm Ventures
Haroldo Korte, Atomico
Pedro Sirotsky Melzer, eBricks
Moderator: Andy Tsao, Silicon Valley Bank, BayBrazil board member
5:30-7pm – Cocktail Reception

Space in this event is limited! Reserve your ticket today!

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