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Save the bees- fight Dow, Syngenta and Monsanto

Save the bees
Save the bees
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Picture a world without fruits, vegetables or flowers. Besides being a pretty dismal image, it also sounds like a world in which humans and animals could not survive.

This is the world of our future if we continue to kill off the bee population. Anyone who has ever heard of the sex- education talk referred to as “The Birds and the Bees Talk,” can understand how this metaphor is an apt one. After all, sex and relationships can be complicated, but when you learn about bees and pollination, you see that all living things are basically the same in that we seek to reproduce, and in order to live and thrive, many living things rely on other living things to survive. These lessons are first taught to us in pre-school, and all children seem to understand the effort to prevent extinction of any species.

So if a preschooler can understand why bees are important to life on earth, how come the so called experts, the scientists who test and develop products cannot do the same? It has been established that Monsanto’s genetically modified organisms, (or GMOs,) are a concern to people who try to eat healthy and natural foods. This concern has been strong enough that Monsanto and its products have been banned in twenty six countries. Yet the United States continues to let Monsanto take over the food supply and replace family farms with factory farming. For more information on the countries that ban Monsanto and GMOs, see the following link-

One beekeeper admits that she was embarrassed to meet with her cohorts from the United Kingdom, because she had to admit that we continue to allow, even promote, the treacherous chemicals that are killing off the bee population, while Britain has banned these chemicals. For the beekeeper’s blog, see the following link-

You may have heard that many people have boycotted Lowes and Home Depot because these two stores treat their plants with Monsanto’s Roundup pesticide. These stores have been warned repeatedly that Roundup is killing off the bee population, but they simply don’t care. In fact, despite the trend of “going green,” or buying organic, it seems that with regard to the bee issue, big business is becoming even more heedless and irreflective of their actions. For example, stores like Bachman’s continue to sell all of the Roundup products. When asked about this, a clerk responded, “Well we sell the products, but we don’t treat our plants with them.”

In some ways this is even more offensive to consumers. In essence the store is saying, “We’re wise enough to know that these products are harmful, so we don’t put them on our plants, but we don’t mind making a profit off the ignorant people who buy these products from our stores.” As if we don’t have enough to worry about with the toxic chemicals in Roundup and the deadly practices of Monsanto, now big business is trying to get the Environmental Protection Agency, (EPA,) to give further leeway in the use of bee killing pesticides. Two multinational monsters, Dow Chemical and Syngenta, are currently seeking permission to heighten their production of pesticides containing chemicals known as neonicotinoids .

The two neonictinoids that these companies want to increase production on are called Thiamethoxam and Sulfoxaflor. The EPA has already made a conclusion that these chemicals are highly toxic to the bee population, but money talks, and if people don’t protest, the chemical companies may be allowed to continue to expand their deadly practices. If you are concerned about the bee population, here are some things that you can do: Boycott Home Depot and Lowes. Talk to the stores that continue to sell Roundup products and express your concern Sign the petition in the following link, asking the EPA to say no to Dow and Syngenta in their request to make and sell products with deadly chemicals.

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