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Save public education: A public service announcement and scorecard with grades

The following is brought to you by the more than 3 million public school teachers in the United States:

Please give our kids their youth back! Testing and test preparation has taken the fun out of education and the full educational spectrum from everyone in public schools.

You can’t tell the players without a scorecard and here are their grades:

Duncan—F; Duncan is as bad for our children as (Dunkin) donuts are for our health.

Walmart family F; they should use their fortune to subsidize their employees so they won’t be on the public dole. And start making some products in America as your ancestor who made you wealthy did.

Michelle Rhee F; go into a classroom and show us how it’s done. Consider this a challenge.

Gates and Broad F; why not put your children or grandchildren into one of the charter schools that you advocate for?

John Deasy F; go and spend some time in special education classes and see what is really happening before you cut even more special education classes.

Jeb Bush F; with Iraq again burning up, your last name is not too popular in the United States or in the world today.

Campbell Brown and Robert Gibbs F; I guess that you will do anything for money, right or horrendous.

Bloomberg F; you spent a million dollars on the Los Angeles, that’s right Los Angeles, school board elections. With all the poverty and problems in America you could have been a hero by investing in our people instead of a losing, local school board election.

Pearson, Alec, and the other promoters of Common Core F; it’s coming down thanks to the “Badass Teachers” A and “Lace to the Top” A.

“Race to Nowhere” A; you have been after NCLB, Race to the Top, and testing for ages, do keep up the good fight!

Charter schools D; since you are selective about whom you accept, you should change your title to semi exclusive schools.

All the governors and mayors F; supporting reform that is wrong and treating schools and school teachers like sh.., watch out, teachers are running for office and winning, even beating incumbents. You could be next.

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