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Save on your AANR membership

Membership has its priviledges at AANR
Membership has its priviledges at AANR
Courtesy of American Association for Nude Recreation

If your American Association for Nude Recreation membership is expiring soon or you aren't a member but are thinking about joining, you can get a membership at a discounted rate from Clothes Free International.

Clothes Free International like all AANR-affiliates is authorized to offer AANR memberships at a lower rate than when memberships are purchased directly from the national organization.

Currently, a single membership purchased directly from AANR is priced at $58 while you can purchase your AANR membership from Clothes Free International for just $50, an $8 savings. A similar deal is available for couples.

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You need not be a member of Clothing Free International to take advantage of the savings although you can get an even better deal on an AANR membership at $39.95 (singles) if you choose to join Clothes Free International at additional cost.

Members of AANR-affiliated clubs and resorts can likely get a similar discount by purchasing their membership through their local club and it is best to support your own club by doing that. However, this is a great option for nudists who aren't members of a local landed or non-landed club. If later on you should join one, you can always transfer your Clothing Free international AANR membership to your club of choice.

Unfortunately there is no mention of discounted memberships with The Naturist Society from Clothing Free International so those interested in membership with that organization with need to obtain it directly from The Naturist Society.

Membership benefits with the American Association for Nude Recreation include;

  • 12-month subscription to the AANR monthly newsletter, The Bulletin and the organization's e-newsletter, the E-Bulletin
  • 20% member savings on admission fees at AANR-affiliated clubs with a choice of nearly 260 clubs throughout North America and beyond
  • The right to vote in AANR elections
  • An invitation to regional conventions and the AANR national annual convention
  • Member savings of 10% on advertising in The Bulletin newsletter
  • AANR World Adventures featuring travel packages specially priced for AANR members

If you aren't a member of the American Association of Nude Recreation but have been thinking about joining, there is no better time to join than January and the close to 14-percent discounted rate from Clothing Free International will sweeten the deal.


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