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Save on shipping costs by purchasing mailing labels through Etsy

Shipping packages to your customers is easy with Etsy
Shipping packages to your customers is easy with Etsy

If you ship packages regularly, you know that shipping costs are constantly going up. If you sell your craft items on Etsy, the cost to mail an item to your customer is one of the biggest expenses in doing business. So how can you save money on shipping fees?

Shipping online is easy through, and if you print your postage from the government site, you can save a little over the price you would pay at your local post office. As long as you know the weight of the item that you’re mailing, it’s easy to prepare a package for pickup without having to leave home. The drawback is that you can only print postage from for Priority Mail and higher levels of shipping; if you’re shipping smaller items First Class, it won’t help you any.

Etsy makes shipping packages to your customers even easier than dealing with the post office website. When you click to print your postage from your Etsy sale, your customer’s address and your own return address will automatically populate in the appropriate fields, so there’s no need to cut and paste to another site, or risk copying information incorrectly longhand.

Etsy allows you to print labels for all classes of service, so you can mail smaller items from home too – no need to ship priority just to be able to print the label at home. The price you will pay is a business rate, which is even lower than what is offered through the postal system’s online option. You don’t have to have a business account registered through the post office, as anyone selling through Etsy is eligible for the business rate when they purchase a mailing label through the site.

Bonus: You don’t even have to pay for it at the time of mailing, as the cost of printing the mailing label will go on your Etsy bill.

Shipping through Etsy also makes tax preparation easier, as you will have a record of all shipping labels purchased, which can be a tax deduction as a business expense.

By purchasing your mailing labels through Etsy, you can pass on savings to your customers, as well as make things easier for yourself.

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