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Save on Atlanta-area groceries, restaurants, and attractions with locally-based coupon websites

Check out Atlanta-based coupon sites to save money on everything from groceries to massages.
Check out Atlanta-based coupon sites to save money on everything from groceries to massages.

Recently a flood of Atlanta-based discount websites have popped up to help you save money on everything from groceries to restaurants to spa treatments. For the penny-pinching person who also likes to go out once in a while, have fun, or simply indulge in a gourmet treat or two, these sites are fantastic. Here's a rundown of the most prominent:

  • Half Off Depot - This site offers both a catalog of deals as well as the occasional limited-time offer. They tend to offer exactly what they describe - coupons for half of their value for Atlanta-area restaurants, stores, and more. Search the "Retail and Services" tab to save on fresh-baked breads and cakes, and watch for occasional deals for specialty markets. Half Off Depot also has deals available for Macon and Savannah. Most coupons are mailed to you, so you will pay a small postage fee (unless the site is running a special), although the site is experimenting with downloadable coupons as well.
  • Half Off Green - A similar site to Half Off Depot, but this site focuses on business that are going "green." Deals include half-price coupons for Taste in Decatur, GA, where you can pick up gourmet grocery items, spices, teas, and kitchen tools as well as fun books, cards, and trinkets. Coupons are downloadable so shipping is free.
  • Groupon - Groupon offers a single deal every day, so it's important to check the site each morning or follow it on Twitter or sign up for email updates. As long as enough people buy in to the daily deal, all interested parties can take advantage of it. Again, daily deals include half-price coupons for restaurants as well as stores and services in and around Atlanta. Coupons are downloadable, saving you on postage costs.
  • Living Social - Yet another site with daily deals for Atlanta, so, again, sign up for their emails to be updated when they list a new one. Restaurants, sporting events, and spa treatments are some of the recently featured deal types.
  • ScoutMob - This site sets itself apart from the other four in that its deals are completely free. You read that right - free. Sign up on the site or download the iPhone app and take advantage of deep discounts at local coffee shops and more. Coupons are sent via text message or email or are accessed directly through the app. A recent deal offered a 45% discount off of anything at the Mercantile, a specialty grocer in Atlanta that carries local eggs, produce, and gourmet groceries, as well as freshly made sandwiches, wines, and cheeses.

Have you seen another site like those listed above? Had a good or bad experience with one of the sites? Comment with your details!


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