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Save money. Take the bite out of dental costs—with or without dental insurance


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Some jobs provide dental plans that cover all the dental work you need. Other health care plans provide no dental insurance. Most single-parent families cannot afford to buy private health or dental insurance. And more than 100 million Americans go without dental coverage.

For the insured and uninsured a dental discount plan saves money

A dental discount plan differs from insurance plans. They offer reduced costs for dental procedures. For roughly $100 to $200 a year, you procure 15 to 60 percent discounts on service and treatments from participating dentists. Discount plans offer significant savings on dental care procedures such as cleanings, checkups, braces, root canals, crowns and even cosmetic surgery with some plans.

Shop for dental discount plans and participating dentists in Colorado Springs or your zip code at When I researched the dental plans in my zip code, I found twenty-two discount dental plans from which to choose and eight dentists less than three miles from my home.

Before plunking down your hard-earned cash

*  Compare plans carefully.

*  Read an outline of each plan.

*  Make sure the discounts that you’ll use cover the annual fee.

*  Check out any limits or restrictions.

Before you say “ahh”, brush up on how discount dental plans differ from dental insurance

Characteristics of a discount dental plan:

1.  May cost as little at $6 per month

2.  No annual limits – plan members enjoy discounts on most dental care services all year long

3.  Most plans activate within 3 business days

4.  No tiresome paperwork hassles – plan members simply present their membership card at a participating dentist office for discounts on most dental services

5.  No health restrictions – there is no need to wait for comprehensive dental treatment plans

6.  Select plans include discounts on dental specialties, including cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics

7.  Consumers pay affordable membership fees for access to a network of dentists offering discounts on most dental procedures

8.  Available directly to individuals, families, businesses and groups

Characteristics of dental insurance

1.  Runs $50-$60 a month

2.  Limitations, deductibles and annual maximums

3.  Waiting periods for major dental procedures

4.  Tedious and time-consuming written claims process

5.  Limitations/exclusions on pre-existing conditions

6.  Certain dental specialties, such as cosmetic dentistry, are rarely covered

7.  Consumers pay expensive monthly premiums for defined coverage

8.  Typically inaccessible to individuals and families unless provided by their employer

Already have dental insurance?

The discounts offered by discount dental plans may be used along with your dental insurance for even more savings on your dental care. However, before beginning treatment, consult with a participating dentist or dental care specialist.

For more information:

Dental Discount Plans Beat Insurance 

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    GREAT article, Scoti. Thanks for this timely and very helpful information!

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