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Save money...Remake a dress

A Bit of Sewing
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As prices go up, many women are turning to thrift stores to find their clothing. It's not always easy to find the clothing that has the right fit or style so along with paying less, they are turning to reconstruction of the items in order to have that "perfect" garment. While browsing through Pinterest, it was noticed that there are many pictures showing reconstructed garments and upon further research, a huge collection of sites were found that are totally devoted to this subject as well.

One favorite site is which features a young woman who reconstructs a dress each day. She has decided that she will spend an entire year without doing any traditional clothing shopping and will go to flea markets, vintage stores, and garage sales to find pieces that she can transform and each day of the year, will introduce a new piece of clothing that she has found, using a budget of $1.00 per day. It includes many pictures so that her followers can see exactly how to make the same dress that she has made and it's amazing that she is able to turn a terrible 80's dress into something so charming! Check her out daily to see updates. It's well worth it!

Another favorite site is The Renegade Seamstress at Her current posting is a great sweater dress made out of two old sweaters and it is truly a wonderful dress. Often, thrift stores seem to have the ugliest sweaters and one would wonder what you could possibly do with them but this idea is great. She has taken the top of a ribbed closely fitting sweater and added the bottom from an ugly sweater, and has created a dress that anyone would want to wear. Check out her blog. You won't be disappointed!

An interesting site for upcycling is The Simple Green Frugal Co-op. Sadly, this site is not adding new posts but is filled with information about reconstruction of clothing and other home items, and is available for viewing and worth checking out.

The last site is The KudzuKween. This is an interesting site filled with links for clothing reconstruction and ideas for truly unique items such as making clothing from convertible car tops. She also features a clothing item per day and ideas for clothing for adults as well as children. Some of her links are about sewing techniques such as how to hem jeans so check this out for some truly creative ideas.

If you are looking for ideas or have questions about clothing reconstruction, please go to where lots of ideas can be found but also a forum written by other crafters who have either done the sewing or asking about how to do the sewing. It just may help you get started. And of course, there are hundreds of blogs and sewing sites to help with ideas and techniques.

Reconstructing clothing is a great way to save money and to have just the right addition to your wardrobe. It takes practice and a good eye. At first, you will be wandering around the thrift store trying to decide what you can remake but imagine the thrill when you find just the right piece that may be three sizes too big and realize that you can cut that down, change the sleeves, and have the perfect LBD (Little Black Dress)! Try it! You'll be glad when you see all of the new additions to your closet!

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