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Save money on text messaging and text even more

Learn multiple ways to send text messages for a cheaper price.
Learn multiple ways to send text messages for a cheaper price.
Photo by Intel Free Press via Flickr

Are you trying to lower your monthly cell phone bill? Are you a person that barley sends text messages but pays for unlimited text messaging? If you answered yes to one of these two questions, I have three solutions for you. With that, here are three ways to lower your wireless bill's text messaging rate and still send just as many texts.


Did you know that you can send text messages through your email? Yes, you can send text messages for free from your email as long as you know the address ending for the user's carrier. Click here for a list of cell phone carrier text-email address listings.

Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger's messaging service will let you send messages to cell phones for free. Unlike emailing, with Yahoo Messenger, you do not have to know the user's cell phone carrier's email address listing. You simply type their phone number in the "to:" box, and send the message as an SMS.

Free texting phone apps

Last, but not the least, there are many free text messaging apps available for cell phone users through their cell phone's market. As long as you have data or internet service on your cell phone, you will be good to go.

Many of these apps will even give you an additional phone number to text from. This way, your friend's or associates can store the phone number in their phone under your name.

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