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Save money on attractions in Houston, TX with the Entertainment Book - $20 investment only

This article hits home because I decided to talk about a personal favorite of mine: the entertainment book.

When I first came to Houston, TX, the secretary in my office had this huge book that looks like a miniature phone book (or a dictionary) on her desk at all times. A couple of times I saw similar books being sold in the break room, and I just assumed they were silly books that are not worth the price you pay for them. The only reason I wasn't able to assess the value of this book is because I wasn't familiar with the city and what my favorites might be.

The book is between 800 and 1000 pages depending on the year. You get a book and a plastic card that gets punched with certain offers. Offers go from car rentals discounts, to dry cleaning, or groceries. I became addicted when I realized after 3 months of using grocery coupons (kroger was my favorite), I already paid off my investment.

I have used it for restaurants (2 for 1 are best used with a friend/partner), lasertag, museums, fast food, and others I can't remember. With  Valentine's day a few weeks out, maybe you could promise your honey you will try new restaurants that have coupons in the book all through the year - thereby guaranteeing special one on one dates! has guides for most big cities in the US, and if you plan a couple of weeks ahead of time, you could order one before you travel. It's particularly useful for museums and other attractions (although they are sometimes off the beaten path).

Note that I am not getting compensated in any way by for this article.