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Save money and your health with this free product and tip

A tip to save you money
S. Brooks

The Government shutdown has the American public in panic. Worry is a strong word associated with the events related to the government crisis. The worry has escalated to shear suspicion and panic.

Over the weekend, a technical malfunction led rumor and panic sweeping the nation. Many states experienced a temporary system issue. The food stamp program "pre-paid debit" card would not complete transactions. The American people, with and without public assistance, became alarmed.

People were worried. Even though the system has been repaired, the people remain concerned. One way to help your family is to attempt to stretch your food dollar. You can stretch your dollar by purchasing sale items that you normally purchase, take advantage of buy one get on free sales, use store and manufacturers' coupons, freeze or home can your leftover foods, eat at home and eat homemade foods that can fill the family while giving proper nutrition and health benefits.

A great tip that can help you to increase your pantry and prepare for small and large emergencies and even weather conditions is to learn to provide for your family. One way that you can provide is to learn to grow your own food and preserve the food that you grow.

A wonderful organization, Wintersown of The organization provides free seeds to begin a garden for individuals, families, communities and so forth. In order to learn about the process of growing your food, Wintersown provides important information to educate on how to garden.

In order to request free seeds and information, one may choose from three different programs : six pack of seeds, a tomato package of seeds and a kit for larger use such as for a family or community. You can visit the Wintersown website for more information to choose your package preference.

In order to request the free seeds kits, one must send a stamped envelope to cover the shipping of the product. Take a look at the website and order your kit today! Homegrown food is safer, cleaner, healthier, cheaper and more easily available by growing your food.

Visit and get started in becoming more self-sufficient in order to care for yourself, your family, your community. You can find many resources for gardening at your public library, online and at the wonderful groups to teach, learn and share resources such as the Face Book group: Homesteading Plain and Simple. Get started in getting back to the basics today!

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