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Save money and reduce waste during National School Lunch Week

bamoo silverware
             Bambu utensils

Save Green, Be Green by packing a lunch using reusable supplies!

National School Lunch Week is October 12-16, focusing attention on eating healthy, balanced meals in school cafeterias across the nation.  When that healthy lunch is carried from home to school (or work), single-use, disposable containers like brown bags, plastic ziplock baggies and juice boxes are all too often used and discarded.

Save money and reduce waste by investing in a reusable lunch pack for each child.

  1. Start with a stainless steel, BPA-free, reusable water bottle by Klean Kanteen. 200 bottles of water or juice per child per year at $0.50 apiece is costing your family $100 each year. Many single use drink containers are not recyclable, and only a fraction of those that are eligible are actually recycled. 
  2. Replace your reliance on plastic baggies with reusable sandwich and snack containers. The Wrap N Mat was invented by a Colorado mom. It uses Velcro to secure a reusable cloth around your sandwich and comes in several colors. It keeps your BLT fresh and even unwraps to serve as a sanitary place mat.
  3. Add in a Snack Sack to hold crackers, chips, or cookies. This mom-invented cloth sack has a draw string top to secure contents. It even comes with a carabiner to clip the snack to backpacks or duffle bags for hikes or soccer games, besides being a great addition to your lunch kit.
  4.  Don't forget a set of reusable silverware made from sustainable bamboo by Bambu. It is available in adult, child or infant sizes, as well as chopsticks and sporks for sushi and small bites.
  5.  Complete your lunch kit with a reusable lunch sack such as the ECObags lunch sack made from recycled cotton, the colorful, water resistant Handy Sack by Generation Baby or the insulated Lunch Tote by Built NY.

For a fraction of what you are currently spending to send your kids to school with a disposable lunch from home, you can outfit your family with cool, colorful, safe, reusable gear that not only work for lunches, but sports, picnics, bike rides, and family outings, and will last for years. You'll save money and reduce needless waste.

For more info: Find these great, reusable lunch supplies and other eco-responsible gear at eco•POLITAN.



  • Amy Dawson 5 years ago

    My husband and I have a great website with lots of lunch ideas for kids and adults Each item has a picture and nutrition. Best of all, you can add your own items and let us calculate the nutrition for you. For our thoughts about waste free lunches, view an article on our site in the Learn and Share section.