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Save Mickey: Watch live streaming video as judge hears dog mauling case

A Phoenix, Arizona judge will hear arguments for and against saving the life of a pit bull who attacked a four-year-old child while he was chained in his yard. Mickey the Pit Bull bit Kevin Vicente’s face on Feb. 20, 2014, after the child was in his yard and in the dog’s vicinity. Now, a judge will determine if Mickey should be put to death for the attack that left Kevin with a broken eye socket and jaw and a journey of therapy, pain and most likely multiple surgeries ahead of him. Supporters have rallied to Mickey’s side stating that the dog should not be sentenced to death row because Kevin Vicente was unsupervised. Some have used the case as an example that Pit Bulls are a violent and dangerous breed and have suggested that Mickey should be euthanized.

Kevin Vicente before and after attack: Mickey the Pit Bull in custody.
Vicente family/Mariposa County

Animal advocates have rallied together to save Mickey with a Facebook group that has grown to over 62,000 members. Petitions have been filed with to save Mickey and bring charges against Kevin’s babysitter for neglect.

At this point, criminal charges have not been filed.

You may watch live streaming news from KSAZ in the link below.

Watch KSAZ and Mickey the Pit Bull News Coverage Streaming Live Online

Save Mickey Latest News and Updates

Stay tuned, as we’ll bring you the judge’s decision as soon as it’s in!

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