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Save Dutch the service dog from execution (Video)

Dutch, a four year old American Allaunt, service dog and much loved family pet, faces a death sentence and will be sentenced on Valentine's Day. Jeremy Aguilar, a disabled Army veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, is the owner of this sweet creature. Montrose, Colorado authorities have asked the Aguilar's to surrender Dutch to animal control. If they refuse, they will have to surrender him on Thursday.

Dutch was in the care of a previous owner who he allegedly attacking and injuring her after being severely beaten with her hands and a metal pole. It's possible that Dutch was kicked by the previous owner as well. The woman claims that Dutch attacked her dog and that she beat him to get him away from her dog. She also claims that he attacked her after Dutch was brought outside as the woman was attempting to clean the wounds on him. Supposedly Dutch bit her to the bone in two places yet no stitches were received.

The Aguilars took Dutch to a veterinarian after he was beaten. The vet’s report states that despite the pain he must have been suffering, Dutch “was extremely well-mannered and sweet in exam room. He did not require restraint during his exam, even when his abdomen, testicles and swollen face were palpated.”

The Aguilars have stated that they would send Dutch to a rehabilitation facility and if deemed aggressive they would then surrender him to authorities. he judge said only if the previous owner agreed. Unfortunately, she did not. Jeremy faces a year in jail and fines.

Dutch was trained and certified as a service dog after the incident. He also passed the American Kennel Club’s (AKC) Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test. AKC CGC evaluator Sandie Wyman said that Dutch is “anything but aggressive.” ”I am the CGC evaluator that tested this sweet dog,” Wyman stated. “He did pass with flying colors and even gave me a kiss afterwards. This means that he will receive a real title from AKC stating he can now visit elderly people at nursing homes. I believe this dog is anything but aggressive. I am a certified dog trainer and have also done behavior objectives on animals. Dutch is anything but aggressive.”

If you believe that Dutch is being judged unfairly, please sign the following petition. Please don't let this sweet dog die.


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