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Save a shrub! Rescue a tree!

How ugly is this? Pretty darned awful.
How ugly is this? Pretty darned awful.
Linda Strader

Tired of Texas Rangers turned into spheres, squares and other odd Disneyland shapes? So are a lot of people who know better. If your landscaper does not know better, he or she should. If they are not interested, hire someone who belongs to an organization that cares. The Arizona Landscape Contractor’s Association is fighting to change the image of contractors, but that only works if they join.

And how about those trees that are butchered into stumps? Not just Chinaberry trees, which suffer from the outdated practice that they MUST be reduced to knobs to control their canopies. Lovely shade trees are losing their tops because people value their views more than shade, beauty, and wildlife habitat. Shame on them.

If you’ve tried to talk some sense into your friends, neighbors, HOA, coworkers to no avail...have them watch this video. Hopefully, they will get the picture. In the meantime, don’t give up. Save a shrub. Save a tree. There ARE some people out there who “get it”.

Click here for video spoof on pruning.