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Save a life: great deals on Red Cross first aid classes

Military families and veterans can receive free first aid training, including a babysitting class.
Military families and veterans can receive free first aid training, including a babysitting class.
AP Photo/Alex Brandon

In case of an emergency, are you ready to help? Did you know that if a victim's heart stops beating, without CPR brain damage can occur in as little as four minutes?  American Red Cross of Northeast Indiana is ready to teach you to assist in emergency situations. Not only are they offering first aid and CPR classes, they've got special deals this month to help offset the cost of classes.

First of all, for military families and veterans, Red Cross is offering full scholarships to classes. Free for military families are classes in Adult, Child, and Infant CPR, AED (automated external defibrillator), First Aid (any combination)  and/or babysitter's training for ages 11-15. Contact 260- 484-9336 ext. 229 and ask about the military training scholarship.

For those not affiliated with the military, the local Red Cross chapter is offering a "BOGO" deal. Next Saturday, March 20, anyone attending first aid or CPR classes can bring a friend for free. Classes will be offered in Adult, Child and Infant CPR and First Aid, CPR and AED for the Professional, and Reanimación Cardio-Pulmonar y Primeros Auxilios (First Aid and CPR training in Spanish.) To register, call 260-484-9336 ext. 240.

The Red Cross is also offering 10% off all their First Aid, emergency preparedness, and other items for this month. For information, click here.

If you'd like to attend a class and learn how to help emergency victims but can't make it next Saturday, there are many other classes offered, and they really don't cost very much.  For a full list of different classes, click here or here. The Red Cross also offers workplace training classes. For information about scheduling classes at your business, call 260- 484-9336 ext. 224.

For more information on what to do in case of emergencies or disasters, the Red Cross has a page with links to information on how to handle everything from earthquake safety to caring for flu vicitms. There's a lot of great material click here to access this page.


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