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Sav's Grill - a slice of West Africa in Lexington

Sav's Grill
Sav's Grill
Sam Harris

While sitting down to a meal of goat cooked in a peanut sauce over a bed of fufu (a starchy thick paste made from root vegetables) with a fizzy soda made from coconut juice on the side may be normal in parts of Africa, it is definitely less so in central Kentucky. Sav’s Grill hopes to change that by offering Lexington’s foodies a place to sample West African cuisine – a type of ethnic food that has not become as ubiquitous as the fare of more traditional Chinese, Mexican, and Italian restaurants.

The interior of the restaurant is pretty simple – there is a bar, behind which you can see the various stew pots simmering, where orders are placed and picked up (the time between ordering and eating is minimal, as the food has been cooking all day and is pulled out of the pot and placed on your plate) and a smattering of booths and tables. However, while the interior is a bit simple, the owner seems to fill it well with his presence – always smiling and walking around to talk with the customers.

Most of the “Bowl” meals are relatively inexpensive – running somewhere between $5.25 and $7.25 (the most expensive bowl being the Peanut Goat) for adults and $3.25-$4.50 for kids. The meal consists of a simple stewed meat (or vegetable) poured over rice, however plantain fufu or wheat couscous can be substituted for an additional $1.75. All of the meat has been cooking for hours and seems to melt in your mouth. The large amount of stew and starch is enough to fill even the hungriest of patron’s stomachs – however if you still have room, Sav’s Grill also offers a nice selection of ice-cream to top off the meal. On top of this, Sav’s also offers a great selection of sodas from the Caribbean and Africa – the coconut soda is particularly unique and quite tasty (though very sweet).

Overall, Sav’s Grill offers patrons a break from a traditional lunch or dinner and gives them something a bit more exotic!

Sav’s Grill & West African Cuisine
304 S. Limestone (at the corner of Maxwell)
Lunch: Mon-Tue 11am-3pm, Lunch & Dinner: Wed-Sat 11am-9pm
(859) 368-SAVS(7287) 


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