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Saul Goodman-like attorneys proliferate in the real world

Todd Levitt
Todd Levitt
Todd Levitt

As Breaking Bad fans look forward to the first season of the prequel/spin-off Better Call Saul this fall, a notable number of real life criminal attorneys have appropriated the Saul Goodman swag in their presentation and approach to their duties as officers of the court.

From disability lawyer Kentucky's Eric C. Conn who was profiled recently on CBS' 60 Minutes to Los Angeles criminal defense attorney Dan Kapelovitz (who features a snapshot of himself with Bob Odenkirk on his website) and Central Michigan's Todd Levitt, who even uses a familiar slogan in his ads: 'Better Call Todd,' the strip mall officed, over-the-top flamboyant barrister population seems to have grown and embraced the Goodman business model.

The Saul Goodman character as created by Vince Gilligan and portrayed by Bob Odenkirk, has emerged as an icon equal to that of Heisenberg himself, and if the new series is faithful to the unique 'comedic with an edge' persona that was established during Breaking Bad, is likely only to increase as a pop culture mainstay.

Better check-out these real world Sauls: