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Saul Alvarez will make Alfredo Angulo ‘take a great punch’

Saul Alvarez and Alfredo Angulo spoke Wednesday during a press conference at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

There won’t be anything beautiful about this fight.

Alvarez (42-1-1, 30 KOs) and Angulo (22-3, 18 KOs) will throw fists Saturday night in “Sin City.”

Planning to compete three times in 2014, Alvarez last vacated the squared circle on September 15 after getting universally outscored by Floyd Mayweather.

Although Alvarez didn’t perform poorly and consistently forced the action, Mayweather (45-0, 26 KOs) landed flush shots for 36 minutes that flustered and slowed the youngster.

“Angulo presents a difficult challenge because he’s a fighter who can punch and take a great punch,” said Alvarez, 23, who began boxing professionally at the ludicrous age of 15. “I know I have to prepare and establish my game plan early. But you know how it can be with game plans. Sometimes, once a fight starts, you have to do what you have to do win and that’s what I am going to do on Saturday.”

Comparatively, Angulo suffered a savage 10th round TKO defeat to Cuban Erislandy Lara in June.

Angulo, who once overcame Timothy Bradley in an amateur clash, twice floored Lara (19-1-2, 12 KOs).

However, the bout was halted shortly after Lara connected with a savage blow that fractured Angulo’s left orbital bone.

Lara’s an exciting brawler who lacks fear and demands respect.

“I’m ready to chase him or fight him like a true Mexican warrior,” said Angulo, 31, who represented Mexico at the 2004 Summer Olympics. “I plan to test him like he’s never been tested before. I don’t think anyone has ever hit Canelo as hard as I’m going to hit him. I’m totally relaxed and confident.”

Regrettably for the former Olympian, Alvarez is a powerful bruiser whose punches land with resounding thuds.

Still capable of maturing into an elite pugilist, it’s hard to envision that the fierce redhead will lose consecutive matches.

Plus, considering the severity of Angulo’s recent wound, Alvarez is likely way too potent for the older Mexican.

“Although a true Mexican warrior,” Alfredo Angulo’s aggressiveness will lead to his downfall and Saul Alvarez will secure an empathic knockout roughly 72 hours from now.

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