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Saudi princesses: King Abdullah's daughters allegedly held captive

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia
King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia

Saudi princesses are being held against their will, according to a Yahoo! News report on Wednesday. The United Nations has been asked to free several Saudi Arabian princesses who are reportedly being held in a royal compound. The request was submitted to the United Nations’ human rights office.

The princesses being held are some of the daughters of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia – and they have allegedly been held there for 13 years in the royal compound located in Jeddah.

Though not investigated yet, the allegations made to the United Nation’s Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights has confirmed that it received complaints. However, it revealed that it could take several months – or more – before anything will be officially published about the allegations. Additionally, the United Nation’s Office did not indicate whether the allegations in the case are substantial enough to go ahead with an investigation. The office has said that United Nation’s officials are not in a position to confirm if any action has been taken on this particular case.

The accusation of two princesses being held came from an email that was messaged to the United Nations the The Sunday Times of London. The Sunday Times of London published a story that asserts Princesses Sahar, 42, and Jawaher, 38 – daughters of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia – had appealed for help. The two claim that they have been held for 13 years, as well as their sisters.