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Saudi man places refrigerator outside home for the hungry

Most people don't think of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as having a significant poor population, but one local man seemed to know his neighbors might be hungry.

Photos from the recent US Defense Secretary's visit to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on May 13th, 2014.
Photo by Pool/Getty Images
Saudi man installs fridge outside to feed the needy
Shaikh Mohammad Al Araifi

A Saudi native, who has chosen to remain anonymous, decided to install an enormous refrigerator in his neighborhood in order to spare the needy the “shame” of begging or dumpster diving for food. The fridge is stocked by neighbors with leftovers and food items from homes that may otherwise go to waste.

Both the man and the fridge reside in the city of Hail located in the northwestern region of Saudi Arabia. Hail happens to be largely agricultural with a population of over 350,000 people and is well-known in the Arab world for the generosity of its people.

The man's consideration and generosity gained attention from the Good News Network and the famous religious scholar Shaikh Mohammad Al Araifi. It was perhaps Al Araifi's tweet to millions of his Twitter followers that awoke the most attention to this good deed in the Muslim world, online and otherwise.

أنا من زمان أقول:
إن أهل #حائل كرماء
رجل وضع أمام بيته ثلاجةً لفائض الطعام
صدقة غير مباشرة للمحتاج
يا بعد حيي يا حائل
— د. محمد العريفي (@MohamadAlarefe) May 1, 2014

English Translation: "I've always said the people of Hail are generous. A man puts a fridge outside his house for leftover food; an indirect act of charity for the needy, Oh how I love you, Hail!"

According to Gulf News, the idea for what's now being referred to online as a 'Charity Fridge' should be adapted by all large mosques in the country due to the simplicity and intelligence of the system.

If the idea originated in Saudi Arabia, perhaps other gulf countries may join in the endeavor. A Bahraini native has told Gulf News that the charity fridge "should be adopted in Bahrain during Ramadan" which begins at the end of June this year. If so, the act would fulfill the criteria of feeding mouths and nourishing the spirit as is encouraged during the Islamic holy month.

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