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Sauces: The hero of French cooking

Sauces. Cream, stock, flavor, you name it.
Sauces. Cream, stock, flavor, you name it.
Olivia's Catering & Bake Shop. Olivia Saez

When you think of French food, most of you think loads of butter and cheese, all melted into this rich dish that you couldn't possibly think of eating every day. Well, you're right. That is exactly what most French food is comprised of, but to keep your waistline (and resolutions) in check, there are some easy steps you can take to make what were once fuel for the morbidly obese.

Sauces are heroes for the non or up and coming cooks, not to mention main events for seasoned chefs. Packed with flavor, recipes take you ten minutes or less and really don't have many ingredients. Some sauces, like homemade mayonnaise, need a little patience and practice, but still only a few minutes to make once you've mastered it.

Stick around over the next few weeks as we will cover some basics that fit into your most favorite dishes, in a healthier way. Here's what we are cranking out in February:

Feb 3rd -- Sauce au Porto (Brown Port wine sauce)

Feb 10th -- Sauce Tomate (classic tomato sauce)

Feb 17th -- Bechamel (THE base for any homemade mac n cheese!)

Feb 24th -- Sauce Bearnaise (classic reduction of white wine and herbs)

Until then, stick to those resolutions and work on eating well this year. This French girl can help! For more, check out my video tutorials on!

A votre santé!

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