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Saucer sighted with orange "fireball" underneath it

  On July 5th, 2010, between 9:30 and 9:45 pm, about 15 miles south of Nashville, a man and his girlfriend were out for a recreational walk in a suburban neighborhood. It was still not quite dark though stars were starting to show out in the cloudless sky. As they were walking in a westward direction, the gentleman (who wishes to remain anonymous) suddenly, for some unexplained reason, decided to look at the sky behind him. He saw a small yellowish light approacing from the south. For some reason he thought it worthy of calling his girlfriend's attention to this. It did at first capture their curiosity, but then they quickly decided it was a small airplane or helicopter because it was flying at the altitude and speed that these usually fly at.

  But almost immediately after this, as the object continued in a northerly course and was approaching parallel to their position, they could see that the light was now an intensely glowing orange ball. Realizing how strange this was, they started getting excited and  couldn't take their eyes off of it. Staring as hard as they could at this thing as it got even nearer, they then suddenly noticed that the "fiery" orange ball was attached to the bottom of a dark disc (flying saucer). But the most amazing thing of all was that this top part of the craft was semi-transparent! The man said that even though the main body of the saucer was charcoal-colored, he could still see the darkening dusk sky through it, as hard to imagine as this might be. [UFOs appearing not to be fully materialised is not as rare as a lot of people might think.  There are cases in the MUFON CMS (Case Management Files) where the translucency of a UFO craft has been reported.]

  The craft then took a curving turn to the northeast and descended out of sight just beyond an intervening tree-line. The man said that he and his girlfriend both thought the thing had landed. They watched for a couple of minutes waiting to see what might happen next. Our witness then said to his girlfriend that he would love to see another one of those UFOs. Immediately after he uttered his wish, like a deja vue the exact same scenario was repeated. A yellowish light approached again from the south, appearing as an orange frieball as it got closer, then as a semi-transparent disc with the intense orange light underneath it, and then curved to the northeast and descended out of sight past the distant trees.

  Even more excited now, fully expecting to see yet another display of UFO activity, they continued to watch the wooded area and to glance back to the south in the direction where the mysterious objects had first appeared. No more UFOs showed up, but after about ten minutes from the time the second object had gone down beyond the trees, a helicopter showed up and started circling directly over this area. They watched a while longer and then decided to go back to get his girlfriend's car to drive to this place where the helicopter was searching.

  This they did, but before they got half-way there, they became apprehensive and decided that they had better not continue. They just turned around, went back to their homes and immediately went to bed, feeling they had seen enough for one night. The man reported that the next morning when they woke up, they were both mildly depressed. This is a curious psychological aftermath considering that the night before they were both initially quite elated over their sighting.