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SATW Traveling Teddy toasts a century of Velvet Ice Cream in Utica, Ohio

It’s hard to catch up with a century of ice cream, but Elizabeth certainly tried!
It’s hard to catch up with a century of ice cream, but Elizabeth certainly tried!
Betsa Marsh

Elizabeth the SATW Traveling Teddy savored a first scoop for the fabulous 100th-anniversary celebration of Velvet Ice Cream at Ye Olde Mill in the central Ohio village of Utica.

Elizabeth dives into two delish sundaes, Double Fudge and Buckeye, and Peanut Butter and Cashew.
Betsa Marsh

Lebanese immigrant Joe Dager started churning ice cream in 1914, and the family has been inventing new flavors ever since. Velvet Ice Cream President Luconda Dager and Vice Presidents Joanne and Andre Dager are the fourth generation to lead the company. Just 3% of American businesses achieve the fourth-generation milestone.

Elizabeth travels for the third-grade class of Meredith Schroeder at St. Joseph Consolidated School in Hamilton, Ohio, and the kindergarten class of Barbara Hill at Crawford Street Playschool in Vicksburg, Miss.

Of course, Elizabeth started her meal responsibly enough at the 1817 mill, with a light salad in the restaurant. Then she toured the factory and the ice cream museum, and dove into the latest flavors.

After her giant sundae, Elizabeth wanted to walk off some calories, so she visited the Buckeye tree grove and nature trails. Along the way, she met the Ye Olde Mill’s ducks, who could rather have breadcrumbs than ice cream. But they’re all over a stray ice cream cone or two.

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Velvet Ice Cream at Ye Olde Mill,11324 Mount Vernon Rd., Utica, Ohio. 740-892-3921. Discover Ohio