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Saturn as the Ruler of Karma

Saturn is seen as the administrator and agent of Karmic law in Soul-centered astrology. It is this planet that initiates individuals, ready to put to test those who wish to achieve a higher state of consciousness. Saturn is all about equality and justice, so it comes as no surprise that Saturn is said to be in its exalted position when placed in Libra.

A person can’t ascend to the realms of the ‘higher heavens’ (read: increased awareness and consciousness) without fulfilling first the responsibilities of his or her personal karma. Only after living correctly in the lower, more personal spheres of life we can move into the more transpersonal, collective spheres of activity.

The position of Saturn in each Sun sign indicates several important things (such as the qualities an individual may be inhibiting or what the Soul needs in order to grow emotionally and to increase its awareness and consciousness). Therefore, in the following paragraphs we’ll take a look at the influence of Saturn in each Sun sign and what it tells us about our Soul growth.

In Aries: Mercury is the esoteric ruler of Aries. It joins its energies with those of Saturn, thus leading to intelligent, effective communication. A habit which may inhibit Soul growth is that of dominating others with your own thoughts for personal gain.

In Taurus: If material abundance is your only focus, then this desire will block the wealth of the Soul from finding a way to exteriorize. The Soul-centered purpose is linked to harnessing material possessions, but in the sense that it seeks treasures of the Earth for the service of the Soul. Saturn destroys anything in the formative world that prevents the Soul from externalizing.

In Gemini: Your Soul-centered purpose is to become an agent for the Law of Right Human Relationships. You have to understand the role and importance of mutual responsibilities in relationship, and to use the mind as a loving tool of communication. Basically, your goal is to achieve harmonious relationships.

In Cancer: This position often reveals that fundamental psychological circumstances limit the expression of the Soul. You have to learn how to detach from the emotional dynamics of the earlier life, and create a conscious connection to your higher self and higher mind. Transform emotional restriction into greater compassion.

In Leo: Creativity is the keyword in any planetary combination involving this Sun sign. Those who have Saturn in Leo tend to use personal power to control their environment. From a Soul-centered perspective, this tendency must be changed so that personal creative power is channeled towards service to others.

In Virgo: Virgo is correlated with the Mother, and therefore, it is linked to birthing those forms which create the opportunity to express the Soul’s love. In this position, Saturn demands that the individual learn not to waste mental efforts on superfluous activities.

In Libra: As it has already been mentioned in the introductory paragraphs, Saturn is in its exalted position when in Libra. A Soul-centered person with Saturn in this sign will administer a balanced judgment in the use of energy and is impartial in all instances of human interaction. Therefore, if you have Saturn in Libra, you are the kind of person who relates to others in proper and fair ways, regardless of the circumstances.

In Scorpio: You may experience a very strong inner battle between the emotional and the rational parts of your inner self. This often leads to some challenges concerning your sexual expression. Saturn in this sign gives the ability to release hidden resources and strengths. This position also weakens the compulsive nature of negative emotional habit patterns.

In Sagittarius: The Earth (the esoteric ruler of Sagittarius) combines with Saturn, creating mental pragmatism. Saturn in Sagittarius allows for an individual to extract the wisdom inherent in all creeds and philosophies, and to synthesize this information into a form of teaching which annuls any religious difference.

In Capricorn: This position is a potent one, and when combined with love and wisdom, it may create structures which initiate the individual – and those around him. In this position, Saturn endows the Soul-centered person with both great mental abilities and a talent for handling finances. A person with Saturn in Capricorn tends to make up his or her own rules irrespective of the rules and regulations of the world in which they live.

In Aquarius: Jupiter is the esoteric ruler of this sign. Its combination with Saturn may contribute to a person’s performance at work, creating those social networks which anchor group consciousness. This position of Saturn can blend good ideas from the past with the new concepts for the future. The drawback is that personal ideologies inhibit your contribution to society.

In Pisces: If you have this planetary combination, you may uncover the subconscious dynamics which create your fears and their resulting pain and misery. On a more practical level, this can lead to incredible scientific discoveries that can be used to heal major illnesses. Saturn in Pisces leads to the tendency to build artificial barriers and walls, thus getting you stuck in your own fears and inner tensions.

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