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Saturday's Summer Sessions on the Square is on fire!


Painting With Fire by Flipped Out on Flickr

Have you experienced Summer Sessions on the Square yet?  It's a summer concert series that's been taking place all summer long at the Logan Square monument at the corner of Logan Boulevard, Milwaukee and Kedzie Avenues on the last Saturdays of the month, from 5:30 - 8:30 p.m.  It's like Ravinia, but much more laid back.  It's family friendly.  It's musically diverse.  And this Saturday, September 26, the last of the season, Summer Sessions will be on fire! with a special guest appearance by the Chicago Fire Tribe performing with a drum circle.

Have you succumbed to the allure of fire dancing yet?  You may have seen them over by the lakefront, fire dancing, spinning poi, mesmerizing you with fire.  Started about six years ago, the Chicago Fire Tribe is a loose coalition of 200 some fire dancers united by their love of the performance art.  Not all 200 will be at the monument of course, but Logan Square resident and artist, Julia Rochholz, will be.  Julia began spinning fire poi just a year ago and burns for her art. "I...felt immediately that fire spinning would be a life long journey....  I love that it is an ever evolving, ever expanding art form that is constantly challenging and rewarding.'

But fire is only Saturday's secondary attraction. This month's music includes the beat of El Ritmo School of Latin Percussion, the bluesy rock of the Chicago Stone Lightning Band, the soulful sounds of JT and The Clouds, and the coastal Mexico regional music of Tarima Son.

Bring a picnic, a blanket, some camp chairs, even an adult beverage or two (if you can be discreet).  Don't miss this last Summer Sessions of the season, and drop a donation in the box to encourage its return next summer.


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