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‘Saturday Night Live: SNL Digital Shorts’: Best of 'SNL' has fans laughing

Andy Samberg
Andy Samberg
Photo by John Sciulli

NBC viewers will have a chance on Thursday night to laugh until they can’t see. The NBC special “Saturday Night Live: SNL Digital Shorts” gives fans who watch the show on the weekends a little late night laughing in prime time. According to the Amarillo Globe and News on Thursday, the show has 39 years of comedy to choose from and there are plenty of gut splitting moments.

The well-established comedy show is known for the music and live action skits, but the SNL shorts offer a different brand of comedy that many fans watch days later. For the viewer, the digital shorts are often the most memorable part of the entire show. Whether it be the a moment with Lonely Island or a commercial set up, the comedy offers water cooler moments for viewers around the country.

Keep an eye for some of the talented performances from Andy Samberg in this SNL Shorts special. A master in his craft, he knows how to make a moment (or two) for the fans in this very intriguing medium. There have been more than a few moments that highlight his antics when it comes to the digital shorts and he has one big partner in crime, Justin Timberlake.

Since the beginning in 1975, "Saturday Night Live" has launched the careers of many comedy performers. NBC's Emmy Award-winning late-night comedy showcase has fans staying up late and getting a big dose of humor and music every week. Considered one of the best comedy shows on television, fans are expecting more of the same with the focus on the SNL shorts.

"Saturday Night Live" just announced the schedule for the final guests of the season. Charlize Theron and Andy Samberg will be hosting the show.

The "Saturday Night Live Presents SNL Shorts" is a two-hour special starting at 9 p.m. on NBC.

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