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'Saturday Night Live' rips EDM and overpriced DJs in skit

When Will the Bass Drop?
When Will the Bass Drop?

Saturday Night Live has always had its finger on the pulse of society with poignant skits that point out the very obvious in a mostly hilarious way to viewers every week. Last night, during longtime cast member, Andy Samberg's, final show, viewers got to experience one of his famous Digital Short segments where Samberg, appeared as a DJ named Davvincii.

Watch SNL Skit "When Will the Bass Drop? here

Although, the segment is meant to be an over-exaggerated version of electronic music culture, in reality, hits pretty close to home... except for heads actually exploding. The segment goofs on the fact that DJ's aren't actually doing anything behind the decks, and shows Davvincii taking everyone's money for no apparent reason, and a crowd who stupidly thinks it's the greatest thing they've experienced.

DJ's like Deadmau5, who himself was once the recipient of a reported $1million contact at Hakkasan Nightclub in Las Vegas, tweeted, "SNL nailed it."

And, Avicii, who Samberg's characters is based on, has posted the video on his twitter, but hasn't made any comments about it.