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Saturday news: Coopers hawk nearly nabbed a crow

Cherrydale and Ballston hike on Saturday
Cherrydale and Ballston hike on Saturday
James George

Hiking the Custis Trail and back through the Cherrydale Park today, we encountered crows loitering along in the shade. Suddenly, a Coopers hawk nose dived from high in the trees and came very close to catching a crow. That is why crows and hawks don’t get along. The crow is usually safe in numbers, but when one falls behind, look out.

The small black cherries are ripe in the trees. They taste great and some people believe they have extraordinary health properties. I grab a few to give to me a burst of energy to get up the hills. There are still some blackberries in the bushes too.

One pond is so choked that only a single turtle was visible sunning itself.

Another pond was filled with water lilies (nymphaeaceae). Frogs were resting on the pads.
Hibiscus and rose of sharon are blossoming.

There were lots people biking and hiking on the trail today. It is a narrow space to accommodate everyone. Only one guy appeared going way too fast for the traffic. Nearly every biker announces their coming from behind by saying “on your left” or by dinging a bike bell.

Tomatoes and grapes are vine ripening.

Catawba beans have formed in the trees.

I saw a hornet’s nest in a tree in Cherrydale Park. Stay clear of that.

Truck collectors park vintage vehicles on the bridge of I-66. There are some interesting trucks there including an old Chevrolet that is a favorite for its short and stylish cab. Special permitting is required to park trucks on the street in special designated places.

We noticed a tiny house on Utah Street that we haven’t seen before.
One of the smallest parks in Arlington County is Clarenford Station Park. It is only .1 of an acre but has a playground and picnic table in the shade.

Today’s lunch was tomato red bell pepper soup and grilled cheese with watercress sandwich.

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