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Saturday Estate Sales Well Worth The Time

Little house on the west suburban prairie.
Little house on the west suburban prairie.
Tim Weigard

If you’re a regular follower of the Chicago Treasure Hunting Examiner, you’ve read about his frantic 5AM Friday races to get in the top 10 on an Estate Sale list somewhere in Chicagoland. This level of dedication exceeds the boundaries of what many antiquers, collectors, hobbiests and junkers are willing to endure. For you, and everyone else, there’s the Saturday only sale.

Your humble reporter admits to attending very few of these events. Often times, there’s a big show to go to. Or he’s just plain busy. But on almost every occasion he’s had the opportunity to stop, shop and compare, Saturday and the even more infrequent Sunday only sales have been well worth the time and trouble. Case in point was yesterday’s event on 87th Street in Darien.

Your Treasure Hunting companion was going to head over there early to place well on the list, except he kept getting pulled off course. There were errands to run, bills to pay, etc. He showed up right along with the first other two pickers at 8:30AM and was #3 on a list that he had to suggest they create. Then the people running the sale let us shop the garage right away, which really opened up a world of possibilities.

This guy had already filled a box of terrific finds and was busy talking to another early shopper when the final third of the early rising trio pulls a box of T-Jet parts out of his box of toys on the floor. “Um, you interested in those?” He interjected.

Ya know what? Sometimes it’s a good idea to share. It ended up being the only item that guy purchased Saturday morning and your Chicago Treasure Hunter ended up going back for seconds later in the day. He was well rewarded too. Now if those slot cars would have been A-Jets, it might have been a totally different story, but no one’s complaining right now.

If you want to take in a show, the 1940s vintage residence pictured in this article will be set on fire and extinguished by the local fire department later this week. It’s a training exercise that marks the end of an era for one family, and something of a beginning for another.


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