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Saturday brunch in Venice signals end of Rogue Wave

Matt Wedel, boy and cow, 2007

Credit L.A. Louver for hometown pride, as the fourth exhibition in their Rogue Wave series gave us a summer of new, contemporary, Angeleno-only art.  This Saturday, the gallery hosts a free brunch from 10am-noon to commemorate the installation's end.  Join art fans, scholars, and even the artists themselves for this most belly-bloating of all hybrid meals, then peruse the first- and second-floor galleries to see what you've missed this season.  Animator Erin Cosgrove offers a three-minute video that chronicles human evolution to a 1930's liturgical dance number.  Richard Kraft crafts collages from comic strips, found photographs, and other familiar materials.  Sculptor Tia Pultizer uses ceramic and Fiberglass to create mythical figures with lush, liquid surfaces.  Many other artists, plus a sunny Saturday meal in Venice, make for a darling way to spend your early weekend hours.  For planning purposes, please RSVP at 310-822-4955; however, no RSVP is required to enter.


  • Allen 5 years ago

    If only all rogue waves could be signaled away with a brunch