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State Rep boasts about Obamacare subsidies. Mocks those who don't qualify

Rep brags about Obamacare subsidies; Mocks those who pay more
Rep brags about Obamacare subsidies; Mocks those who pay more
Twitter/Kimberly Morin

A conversation ensued last night on Twitter regarding Obamacare in which Democrat Representative Reba Emerson-Brown (Portsmouth) claimed how much she loves Obamacare: “My ACA insurance card arrived! Thanks to Obamacare I now have an Rx plan & kept my Dr. All for $56 a month!” Why does the representative from Portsmouth love Obamacare? She loves it because she is getting subsidized by the taxpayers she’s representing. Why is she getting subsidized? Representative Emerson-Brown is getting medical welfare courtesy of New Hampshire taxpayers and her constituents because she chose to stay home with her child rather than work and pay for her own health insurance.

It doesn’t stop there though. Emerson-Brown had the audacity to tweet the following: “Must suck to be so rich you can’t qualify for subsidies”. And yes she was serious. While the middle class is hurting thanks to Obamacare and having to pay higher premiums with larger deductibles, an elected state representative is mocking those who are suffering. All while getting a pretty free ride. Thousands in New Hampshire are now paying over $1,000 per month for health insurance thanks to Obamacare. All while subsidizing people like Emerson-Brown. It’s understandable that a mother would want to stay home with her child but when it costs the taxpayers money for her personal choices, it becomes egregious. This is part of the entitlement mentality that is destroying our country and Emerson-Brown actually votes on legislation to create more entitlements in New Hampshire!

Voters need to stop voting for lunatics like Emerson-Brown and start thinking before they hit the ballot box. When you have representatives who are actually part of the welfare society they helped create, there is a problem. When you have representatives who benefit from the programs they are voting into place, there is a problem. The problem lies with those in the middle class who are apparently considered ‘rich’ to the likes of Emerson-Brown. The problem lies with the voters who continue to vote against their own best interests by voting her ilk into office in New Hampshire. It’s high time voters end the mind-numbing stupidity of their representatives in Concord and start voting for common sense.