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Satanists seek laws to allow prayer to Satan in schools

Rally in Tallahassee, FL
Rally in Tallahassee, FL
Rally in Tallahassee, FL

Just when you think you've heard everything.

From the Satanic Temple website
From the Satanic Temple website

A group of satanists who call themselves "The Satanic Temple" are petitioning schools to allow students to pray to the devil. As ironic as it may seem, they're adopting a persona of protectors of the children.

The Temple is declaring May 15 as "Protect Children Day." (1) What is the most frightening about this is that they are directly attacking children, luring them into feeling "abused" by authority figures and assuming the position of "protector."

Many children these days—especially as they reach adolescence—adopt a rebellious attitude which eventually wears away with maturity. These evil people, however, recognize this and subtly try to turn children against their parents.

Their "Protect the Children" website states as follows:

If your deeply held beliefs oppose school faculty hitting you, physically restraining you, or holding you against your will in an isolation room, please submit your name, email, and the name of your school, and The Satanic Temple will put your school board on notice that harming you violates your civil rights. All religious denominations are welcome. You do not need to be a member of the Temple or even hold any religious affiliation to register. Registration does not make you a member of the Temple.

It goes on to encourage children to download a prepared letter to the principal with directions to print out as many copies as possible, hand them out to friends and encourage friends to do the same.

On May 15, they are directed to go to public schools and pass them out. "Let them know that if being abused in school violates their deeply held beliefs, they should sign the letter and give it to their principal and they should register at"
It even contains an "activity book" (2) replete with satanic references, showing teachers with mean, snarling faces. (See slide show for pictures of this book.)

This is not funny; it's horrifying—and all the more reason to home school.

But wait. It gets even more bizarre and frightening.

Here is their mission statement:

The mission of The Satanic Temple is to encourage benevolence and empathy among all people. In addition, we embrace practical common sense and justice. As Satanists we all should be guided by our conscience to undertake noble pursuits guided by our individual wills. We believe that this is the hope of all mankind and the highest aspiration of humanity.

As an organized religion, we feel it is our function to actively provide outreach, to lead by example, and to participate public affairs wheresoever the issues might benefit from rational, Satanic insights.

March 23, 2012, Florida governor Rick Scott approved Chapter 2012-9 (3) (Committee Substitute for Senate Bill No. 98) "authorizing a district school board to adopt a policy that allows an inspirational message to be delivered by students at a student assembly."

Embedded in this law is Section 1, Subsection (b), which states that "school district personnel may not:

1. Participate in, or otherwise influence, the determination of whether an inspirational message is to be delivered or select the student volunteers who will deliver the inspirational message.
2. Monitor or otherwise review the content of a student volunteer.

While at first glance, this bill appears to be a godsend for those advocating prayer in school, Section 1, Subsection (b) contributes to this country's agenda to demonize authority and to pull children away from their parents (bad cop) in favor of government (good cop) control.

The year 2013 was a busy one for the Satanic Temple.

January 25, 2013: the Satanic Temple held a rally (4) on the Capitol steps in Tallahassee FL in conjunction with Florida Senate Bill No. 98. This law, the Temple believes, is not an attempt to allow Christian prayer in public schools as much as it is a recognition "that all religions and religious perspectives (including those of non-believers)" should be given the opportunity to speak forth their message.

According to a January 25 article in WFSU, (5) the Satanists praised Governor Rick Scott for "opening the gates of hell to a Luciferian age.” The keynote speaker ("His Dark Eminence," High Priest of The Satanic Temple) could not pay enough tribute to Scott:

It was but one Walpurgisnacht ago that I awoke at the noon hour following a night-long orgiastic revelry consecrated by the sensuality of a traditional Black Mass, [which includes human sacrifice] that I looked upon my satiated hedonistic minions and lamented at all that we sacrifice in the name of our Faith.

Would but that ALL could know Satan and feel His glory, and revel responsibly — without harm to others — in the orgiastic hedonism of His worship, without fear of persecution or ostracism.

Now, we believe, is that time, and Faith-based initiatives and forward-thinking legislation like Senate Bill 98, signed by Governor Rick Scott, make it so.

In a video (6) of the proceedings, the Temple's spokesman called Scott:

"A great American, a politician who is willing to step out on a limb in possibly a politically uncomfortable position and encourage young people—have the faith in young people to speak their minds and really empower the people to express themselves and say what they need to say. And I think it's a very healthy message.

He closed his speech with, "Hail Rick Scott! Hail Satan!"

March 2013: Satanic Temple activists promoted the naming of March 14 as an International Day to Defend Apostates and Blasphemers. (7)

April 11, 2013: Harvard Graduate School of Education opened its doors to the Satanic Temple's presentation of "A History of Satanic Worship." Lucien Greaves delivered his lecture, "A History of Satanism from the Old Testament to The Satanic Temple." Long-time public Satanist and entertainer (i.e. stripper and "hula hoop queen"), Szandora LaVey, (8) "offered a deeply moving personal account of her life as a public Satanist."

The announcement for these lectures stated that they were being hosted by "academics and practicing Satanists." Is it safe to assume that the "academics" of which the notice speaks are from Harvard Graduate School? Satan has apparently infested Harvard.

June 2013: the Temple initiated a drive to raise money for their Adopt-a-Highway (9) program in New York City. By doing so, the Temple hopes to "further efforts to increase public understanding and acceptance of Satanism."

July 6, 2013: The Satanic Temple posted a response to the "Hail Satan" (10) incident in Austin TX in July of 2013. It is their position that the chanting of "Hail Satan" merely challenged the pro-life supporters to defend their position on "rational grounds" and to declare that Satanists do not subscribe to their religion.

That being said, the Satanic Temple believes “One’s body is inviolable, subject to one’s own will alone. Devoid of the presence of a supernatural ghostly essence (soul), the Will is necessarily the product of a developed nervous system, which arguably gives the authority of inviolability to the mother over the fetus. "

July 14, 2013: members of the Satanic Temple performed a same-sex ceremony (11) over Catherine Johnston's grave site. Johnston is the mother of Westboro Baptist Church founder, Fred Phelps (a strong anti-homosexual activist). Lucien Greaves, (13) spokesperson for the Satanic Temple, officiated at the ceremony and stated that the purpose of the ceremony was to make Johnston's soul gay.

Also in 2013, the Satanic Temple began a drive to place a satanic monument (14) on the grounds of the Oklahoma Capitol in the vicinity of the Ten Commandments.

The most frightening thing of all is that—just like our government—the evil no longer has any fear of being exposed. Rather, they flaunt their agenda in our faces.

Do ya' think we're in the End Times, yet?