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Satanist exposes Christians misinterpreting of the Bible

Two protesters pray in front of barricades set up to impede access to the Municipal Court
Two protesters pray in front of barricades set up to impede access to the Municipal Court
Photo by Omar Havana/Getty Images

According to a May 9 article in the Huffington Post, a Satanist has requested to lead the opening prayer at a Florida State Senate or council meeting. Chaz Stevens, a confessed Satanist, said (in part) the following:

“They (Christians) pray to a Jesus who is make believe, why not (pray to) Satan who is make believe? Stevens’ request comes just 3 days after the Supreme Court ruled that legislative prayer is constitutional.

According to Wikipedia, Satanism is broader than the term would seemingly indicate. Some view Satan and Prometheus as liberating figures; others view Satan as a mythical Biblical figure who fell from grace. Theistic Satanists believe that Satan has deistic powers; while atheistic Satanists are considered more philosophy than religious. In short, belief in Satan is more complex than just “not” believing in God.

According to the Holy Bible, Satan was once described as a cherub or cherubs, and had the honor of watching over the Garden of Eden. His sin was pride, and it is widely believed that he was expelled from the Garden because he wanted to be God.

One Christian was annoyed by the Supreme Court’s decision and its aftermath. "According to the Holy Bible, what have we (Christians) won? We have won the right to disobey God. We are instructed to pray in secret and be rewarded openly, not the opposite. We are supposed to effect change in our closets; not our courtrooms!”

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote the majority opinion for the case.

Do you pray out loud everywhere you go? If so, are you concerned about how onlookers will react? When you are by yourself, do you pray out loud??

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Source: Huffington Post

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