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Satanism - “rampant” in Johannesburg and vampire avoids church

Fair use in order to illustrate article's context.
Fair use in order to illustrate article's context.
church of satan founder Anton LaVey

As we have noted previously (see this link), South Africa is undergoing an absolute flap of satanic rituals and crimes. Perhaps they are not exclusively experiencing it but they certainly are a locality that is not afraid to, or censored from, referring to satanic crime as satanic crime.

Crying “satanic crime” at the least bit of dark imagery is as fallacious as claiming that satanists do not commit crimes.

The South Africa’s Star made recent reference to Satanism as becoming “rampant” in Johannesburg:

“A senior psychiatrist at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital said on Wednesday that she had documented a dramatic increase in suicides by teen patients who admitted contacts with these groups.”

Bongani Maphanga “is currently in custody after he was denied bail on charges of biting a woman.”

His neighbors have been interviewed and one “said Maphanga had been invited to church on numerous occasions but refused” because “he feels as though he is being burnt each time he is in church.”

They also report that he has admitted to crave human blood—thus, the loveless bite:

“Maphanga was arrested almost two weeks ago after he bit a woman in Manzini on her way to the clinic, after stopping her saying he craved human blood. The 20-year-old confessed during an interview with Channel S crew that he had been craving human blood and flesh for weeks and his teeth were painful.”

Vampire maybe, but satanist?:

“SELF confessed satanists in the country have distanced themselves from Bongani Maphanga…Speaking during an interview over the weekend, a member of the church who wished not to be identified, said they wanted to make it clear that such behaviour was not part of what Satanists practised. She said this came after people were questioning if Maphanga was not a member of the Satanists.

‘He is not part of us, in fact, he cannot be a Satanist. People should not be quick to point fingers if they do not know what Satanists are in the first place.’”

They speak as if there are universal satanic ethics.


For previous reports on satanic crime, see this link.


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