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Satanism and Paganism

Satanism and Paganism
Satanism and Paganism
C. Smith

Like all other religions, Paganism has a few members or followers that give all Pagans a bad name. Most Pagan groups will reject these few and remove them from their circles and groups quickly but these people rarely stop. For the most part they are fake Pagans or “wanna bes.” They have watched a few too many episodes of Charmed and have created an idea of what Paganism is through shows like that or they found a bit of Paganism and filled in the missing bits with Satanism. Neither are actually Pagans and both can make a bad name for those that are truly Pagan.

Although you can find a few real bits of real Paganism in shows like Charmed, the Witches of Eastend, American Horror Story: Coven, the Craft and many others, it is really only bits and pieces here and there. At the same time you can find a few pieces of Paganism in Satanism such as the pentacle and a few other symbols. From the outside looking it you may not see the difference clearly and most Christians, Catholics and other God believing, Bible reading religions will say that Satanism is a for of Paganism and they couldn’t be more wrong.

If you’re not familiar with Pagans and who they are finding the difference between a Pagan and a Satanist by sight alone could be hard. The most obvious is their pentacle. Both groups tend to wear them or have them tattooed on their bodies. Pagans will wear this sacred symbol with the point facing up in acknowledgment that spirit, gods, goddesses, or whatever their belief maybe is held in high regard to them as the space at the bottom represents them. Satanists took this sacred symbol and turned it upside down, placing themselves above God. Yes, God. Which brings us to the not so visual but enormous difference between the two.

Satanists believe is God, Satan, Heaven, Hell, Bible and the whole bit, which technically makes them a form of Christian. Paganism is a completely different religion all together and they do not believe in God, Satan, Heaven, Hell, Bible or any of that. Yet, some Satanists claim to be Pagans and more often than not give Pagans a bad name. The often selfish Satanist does, more or less, whatever they want in life no matter if it’s wrong, against the law, selfish, mean or hateful. They are fully self involved and have few cares about the rest of the world. Pagans, on the other hand, are kind, considerate, loving people who see both the dark and light in all things.

Not Pagan and wondering why this is such a big deal? Imagine for a moment that your faith was often confused with something that is the complete opposite of your beliefs.

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