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Satanic crime update – logic battles during Kristy Theologo case

Two of the accused in the Kristy Theologo case.
Two of the accused in the Kristy Theologo case.
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In an ongoing case:

“One of the accused claimed he had been ‘overtaken by a foreign power’ – a ‘demon’. And the other claimed dousing Kirsty Theologo with petrol and setting her alight in an alleged satanic ritual had been ‘God’s will.’”

We reported on the Theologo case previously, see here.

Johannesburg High Court Judge Geraldine Borchers, presiding over the Palm Ridge Magistrate’s Court, asked of the accused, Lindon Wagner and Robin Harwood, “How can you be remorseful if you don’t accept guilt?” The question was a result of defense lawyer Lydia van Niekerk’s statement that “her client, Wagner, was sorry for what he had done.”

The judge went toe to toe with the lawyer in a bout of logic:

“Van Niekerk said Wagner had from the onset known what he was doing, but could not control himself. ‘He was overtaken by a foreign power,’ she said.

State prosecutor Carina Coetzee added to the judge’s scepticism, reminding the court that the accused had chosen to lay the blame on something other than themselves…‘Their remorse is situated in them feeling sorry for themselves going to jail,’ she said.”

Then Van Niekerk argued:

“Wagner was remorseful and had continued to show it as he was no longer using drugs.

‘This is an indication of his knowledge of what drugs can do,’ she said.”

Lastly, note:

“She said Wagner had been attending Bible study in jail and wanted to complete his matric.

Judge Borchers interjected, saying she hoped Wagner stayed away from the Book of Revelations, as that was the reason they found themselves in the position they were in.”

Indeed, as we reported previously in detail; the murder was based on a drug addled satanically inspired misreading, misunderstanding, misapplication and misinterpretation of the Bible’s last book; Revelation.


For previous reports on satanic crime, see this link.


Mpiletso Motumi, “Judge tears satanic killers’ claims apart,” IOL - South Africa's Premier Online News Source, February 12 2014 AD


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