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Satanic crime – the satanism and cannibalism of Colin Bullshields

Satanic crime – the satanism and cannibalism of Colin Bullshields
Satanic crime – the satanism and cannibalism of Colin Bullshields
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New is coming out of Calgary, a city in the province of Alberta, Canada, about “A group home resident” named Colin Bullshields who is reported to have “a penchant for satanism and cannibalism.” He attempted to burn a trapped case worker to death.

Attorney Vicki Faulkner noted that his psychiatric report by Dr. David Tano concluded that he is, “a violent individual who is a high risk to reoffend.” He has exhibited typical signs of psychopathy, “Significant behaviours in early childhood consisted of killing animals.”

For example:

“There was also mention of Mr. Bullshields microwaving cats…

He has described since early childhood of a growing interest of wanting to taste flesh since watching a dog eat a cat.

At the age of 13 he reports being introduced to satanism and by 19 he was reintroduced to this by a 19-year-old male with whom he had sexual relation.

He reported that the other male had killed a goat and they drank its blood in a satanic ritual.”

Attorney Vicki Faulkner told the presiding Judge, Gord Wong, that by the age of four (a mere 4 yrs) he was drinking alcohol “to the point of passing out.”

Bullshields plead guilty to the charge of arson; he set fires in his room and “held the door to the room closed from the outside while his worker was in the room.”

The defense lawyer, William Shachnowich, recommended a 2 year term (minus the eight months served) and noted that at the time of the event, Colin Bullshields was high on LSD (a powerful hallucinogenic).

The actions themselves do not appear to have been a part of a satanic ritual; it seems to have been roughly categorized as such due to his past interests.


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Satanic sicko should be jailed 4 years for arson: Crown,” Sun News Network, February 27, 2014 AD


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