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Satanic crime – on the Thandeka Moganetsi and Cwayitha Rhathazwayo funeral

Fair use in order to illustrate article's context.
Fair use in order to illustrate article's context.
church of satan founder Anton LaVey

“as the coffins of…Thandeka Moganetsi (15) and Cwayitha Rhathazwayo (16)…descended into their graves, people started fighting, processions were disrupted and the police had to intervene…Relatives, family members, pupils and others attended the emotional ceremony…at Dobsonville Stadium.”

As we previously reported in Satanic crime? On the Moganetsi and Rathazayo murder investigation; their mutilated bodies were found in an abandoned park in Dobsonville along with razor blades and black candles.

During the service, family and friends noted the satanic nature of the crimes and “police arrested people who were disruptive” since “After the service at the stadium, pupils were told to go home” and “That is when they started disrupting the service, while the pastors were still praying.”

Thandeka’s grandfather, Ruben Williams:

“said Satanism is growing in schools. He said Thandeka had a tattoo of a dollar on her arm, but her arm was burnt to cover it.

‘Thandeka stole our bank cards and withdrew our money even though she didn't have the PIN numbers,’ he said. ‘For six months she didn't go to school, but she still managed to pass.’

He even claimed Thandeka was able to fly over the high wall around their house without touching it.”

Cwayita’s mother, Pheliswa Rhathazwayo:

“said she blames herself for her daughter's death.

‘Cwayita tried to show me the signs of her trouble, but I didn't see them,’ she said.

‘I didn't know that my daughter was targeted by Satan but now I know that Satanism is real.’”


For previous reports on satanic crime, see this link.


Grief, fear and fury! No peace as Satanic murder victims are laid to rest,” Politics Web—The Daily Sun -South Africa's largest daily newspaper, February 27, 2014 AD


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