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The Supreme Court's ruling on Prayer made many happy and some sad

What the Supreme Court did May 2014 is very important because it reaffirmed to a large extent the original intent of our founders to protect the individual’s right from government tyranny. It also protects us from government secular religionists. In a 5-4 ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court said that the free exercise of religion also applies to public officials operating in their official capacity. The Court recognized that we can ignore that which we disagree with. If they had done anything opposite, they would have in fact set the stage for formation of state approved religion; whether secular or not.

Here is an example of a case in point. Greg M. Epstein, humanist chaplain at Harvard University, stated that “Given over 30 percent of American young adults . . . now identify as nonreligious, I’d like to see a day when an appropriate percentage of such invocations are delivered by humanist chaplains.” There would be no end to the people asking government to officially endorse a new state religion by demanding that people treat all religions the same. Remember Lee v. Weisman of 1992. In it the US Supreme court held that an official prayer before a public school graduation was unconstitutional, even though the prayer was nondenominational. Some clarification was needed. The fact that this ruling was 5 to 4 should make people understand how important who the President is. A single death of a Supreme Court Judge could change your life and freedoms.

The founders were brilliant in separating church from State. Yes my friends, liberals, Americans, non Americans and conservative Christians; they did that very wonderful thing. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;” It is called he Establishment clause of the 1st Amendment. That’s it. Other countries have official state religions and or a church can be a state religion. Yet there has been a misunderstanding of this separation. Some people have denied that it exist, others have claimed that it demanded a freedom from religion.

However, if you want to destroy America, what you do is tear down the foundations. The questions concerning religion are among the strongest parts of those foundations. If you were Satan the Devil, you could get a double whammy out of officially causing people to think as Obama claimed that we treat all religions with equal respect. No, we do not and when you do, you don’t believe in the God of the Bible. Solomon got himself in that trouble by marrying many wives and having to build them many different temples for their gods. Just leave religion alone as the founders intended. Let’s treat people with respect, Mr. President and hate lies individually that are presented in the name of God, no matter if they are in government or outside of it.

If you force people to speak and act towards all religions equally, you are potentially forcing the truth out of the market place of ideas. Government would be saying either: 1. there is no real God, and it does not matter or 2. Even though there is a real God, the object of government is more important for the people. Either way Satan, which most people in the world believe exists, would be laughing all the way to the bank. And for those who do not believe Satan exists, realize what it would mean if government can determine normal activity and speech towards God; they certainly could later do the same about your favorite Secular religionist beliefs. The Court, in 1962, declared in dicta that Secular Humanism as a religion. While that is not law, it is the truth; however without establishing it as religion for First Amendment purposes, nor does it forbid it either. The Court did not fall into that trap.

Let’s not through government screw up destroy what the founders have left us. Let’s not set up some bland new religion where all beliefs are equal and have to be treated that way. Let’s not say Baal and YHVH are the same. Let’s not, by government, force anyone to act in any way towards or against the concept of God. If some elected official wants to get up in a local or national meeting and invoke “Mother Earth,” the people put him or her there; as long as no one participating is coerced, force to acknowledge that belief or act in any way that says what is spoken is true, leave it alone! The Marketplace of ideas is able over time to discern wither what is said makes sense or not. The Court did a great thing but only barely. Yet it did not completely clear up the matter. A statement by Justice Kennedy about repetition and proselytizing by these prayers may come back to hunt us. Still, we can rejoice that the understanding that all rights, which cannot be abrogated come from God, have up until now stood the test of time.


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