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Satan Is The Accuser, So Is This Group

As a message of hope… and then again as a message of love. The lack of either message has caused the world to evaluate what is love and what is hope. When lust is redefined as love, then hope is redefined as silly grace. As the symbol of both, Christianity has failed to produce the effect of the cross of Christ among the world let along ourselves. Following the path of Satan, Christians become the accusers of both brethren, those who are in the world (as once a sinner) and those who are in the church (the fellowship of the saints).
The dawn of God’s word when speaking about judgment shines heavily upon the church before reaching the world, but the church so often cast a darker shadow of a world made in its own image that seeks to hide in its dim light to avoid such just punishment. What is at stake is the cost of a priceless condition, namely love, to be recaptured by those whom the church has pointed to as unlovable. The wickedness of such a conclusion only arises out of a nature that resembles Satan not God.

For God so loved the world, while Satan seeks to destroy the humanity that God so dearly loves. Why not use the very vessel that has received a transformed mind and heart and twist it in a way that will alter the light and destroy another’s hope of a love so unconditional? Why use the sinner to destroy the sinner, when the sinner, is already destroyed?

The backdrop to such destruction lies in the disagreement and confusion within each denomination.
The result is a multi-headed beast that like a heat seeker searches to devour whatever that doesn’t resemble it. This monster finds itself catatonic on the surgeon’s table ready for the modern day Johann Conrad Dippel and future Shiro Ishii. The question remains, where is the true church and how does it look, surely, it looks like the body of Christ?