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SASSI MOMMA: One Bag Purchased...One Woman Assisted.

This bag is elegant and solves a problem. The problem is new mom's need a bag that can carry everything they need and look good.

The distinct difference between these handbags and any other handbags ordiaper bags are the two large zippered sections, which house over 15 unique, carefully thought out compartments to help moms maintain organization within their handbag. The baby’s section is detachable; thus, creating a simple way to furnish your daycare provider or baby sister with the required items to takecare of your baby’s needs. No longer do have to be overloaded with several bags or wonder where you placed your baby’s pacifier or bottle. Our new, patent pending, all-in-one, innovative Sassi Momma D’imorga Handbags have it all, even a changing pad to protect your baby’s bottom.


The name “D'imorga” was formed by combining the ingredients of the purposes of the bags. The "D'i" was acquired from the words diaper bag, the "m" was abstracted from the word "multifunctional," and "orga" stands for the organizational aspect of the bags.

They have also created the WuY Movement. It stands for Women Understanding Why. They donate a percentage of the handbags purchase to charities. Each D'imorga Handbag design that They create would represent it's own special charity.

· The Ariahnna D'imorga Handbag supports a charity that supports Autism

· The Jordyn D'imorga Handbag supports a charity that supports St. Judes Children's Research Hospital as a Partner in Hope

· The Kaitlin D'imorga Handbag supports a charity that supports Breast Cancer Research Foundation

· The Nalijah D'imorga Handbag supports a charity that support military moms

I give this project an A: It has a good video, the product solves a problem, they did a great job getting publicity and getting onto Bethany's TV Show. They are getting the patents in place. They seen to have a real handle on what it takes to go from idea to business. They care about their early supporters.

You can get a bag here

and find out more about the company here

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