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Saskatchewan woman looks to adopt new dog when her dog freezes to death

Saskatchewan Woman looks for new puppy after her dog freezes to death
Mara Mandell

The 2013-2014 has been one of the coldest winters on records. There have been temperatures below freezing in all parts of the country. Unfortunately the cold weather and stormy conditions have caused many fatalities both with humans and their animal counterparts.
Many cases have surfaced since November of dogs being left out in the cold to die horrible deaths. One dog was found frozen to the bottom of his dog house. He could not be saved. Rescue came too late. Another dog watched her fellow dog freeze to death in front of her.Then there is the case that has gotten much media attention involving a dog named Zeus in Taghkanic, New York who was also left chained outside. According to reports he is a senior dog and blind. People were outraged when photos of Zeus surfaced depicting him lying on the ground at the end of a chain covered in snow. Many rescue groups including Dogs Deserve Better have stepped up to investigate these claims and help this dog. At this point the case is still unresolved.

Another 8 year old dog in rural N.C has spent his entire life on a chain in inclement weather. And a beagle in East Brady, P.A was photographed sitting in a cage in the middle of the snow. Animal advocates for these two dogs have begged the owners to surrender their dogs before it's too late but to no avail.
These are only a few of the many cases that have been publicized. You have to wonder why would anyone leave their pet outside knowing it is below freezing and in blizzard like conditions. Dogs are not arctic creatures. If it's too cold outside for humans chances are it's too cold for pets. A recent case in Saskatchewan , Canada has animal advocates in the U.S and Canada seeing red. A screen shot surfaced documenting a conversation between two people. One person was looking to adopt a new dog because her dog had frozen to death. The other person innocently asked "Did your puppy run away?" To which the owner of the now deceased dog nonchalantly replied "No, he froze in the dog house he had. When I went to feed him but it's ok I found a dog lol.

So the mindset here is if a dog dies a horrible death like freezing to death, it's okay just get another dog. And then to end the phrase with LOL as if the whole thing is just a comedy is beyond comprehension. How do you explain people like this?

Thankfully the Saskatchewan SPCA has opened an investigation. Please contact them ASAP to let them know we care and do not tolerate this type of behavior. Their number is 1-877-382-7722 or via email at

Hopefully this heartless person who hasn't an ounce of caring for anyone but herself will suffer some time in jail for animal abuse and that is when her laughter will stop.

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