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Sasheer Zamata debuts as first black female on 'Saturday Night Live'

Sasheer Zamata made her debut on "Saturday Night Live" on Jan. 18.

According to the NY Daily News on Jan. 19, this mid-season hiring of the first black female cast member since 2007 came shortly after criticism that there were no black female cast members. This prompted producers of "SNL" to hire a black female.

Not only did "SNL" hire a black female cast member, but it also hired two black female writers.

Many tuned in to see the performance of the 27-year-old comedian from Indianapolis; however, her performance was extremely low keyed on purpose for the first show.

She did not perform alone, so it was really hard to tell what's she is all about right now. She appeared in three short sketches.

In the first sketch she came to a bar mitzvah. Interestingly, the black female's first words in her new gig were "Mazel Tov." (For those who don't know, those are Jewish words for "Good Luck" or "Congratulations).

She appeared as songstress Rihanna and as a girl hosting a pajama party.

Zamata is a graduate of the University of Virginia and has been a performer with the Upright Citizens Brigade, two institutions that helped propel Tina Fey to great success.

Hopefully, we will see more from Zamata on next week's "Saturday Night Live."

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